Where every solution provides reliability, performance and no compromise.


With 70+ years of networking experience and one of the oldest commercial firewalls around, the NIW Solutions suite of products and services have been proven over time to provide you with integrated solutions to meet all situations and budgets without compromise.


With 17+ years of commercial application experience, we've seen the trends, ridden the cycles of in-source vs. outsource, onshore vs. global resourcing, seen products come and go, and know what works for our customers.

NIW Solutions is wholly South Australian based, so all development, support and solution design is kept onshore and with Australian needs and requirements factored in.

All products are provided, either direct or via a local distributor, with a level of managed services, chosen by you, so no selling and running, we're there with you for the long haul.


Our primary focus is always customer service.

We are not an off the shelf, fill in 3 blank fields, call it a firewall, type commodity supplier. We don't sell hardware, so our recommendations to you are never pushy sales or vendor biased.

It is never not our problem, if it's a problem to you, we're here to help, regardless of what it is.

We are the extension to your IT team!


” NIWALG - Application Layer Gateway level of protection“

Added protection at the application layer. NIWALG includes all capabilities in it's standard distribution. It doesn't matter if it's redundant and/or aggregated VPN's over multiple links, integration into you Windows environment via LDAP or NTLM or simply limiting user access to social networking to 1/2 hour a day, it's all included. No add on hardware, no surprise extras needed. You want extra functionality, we simply configure it and it's done! .


” NIWSPAM - Email protection from viruses and unsolicited (spam) emails“

This email protection application is designed to be versatile in it's implementation and level of protection. NIWSPAM can be commissioned for any business, of any size, with any budget.

NIW Tips for more reliable email

We recommend that you add an SPF (Sender Policy Framework) record for each of your domains. Ask your support partner how!

Check your MX records. Legacy non operational secondary MX records can result in undelivered email.

Mis-spelt URL's in email signatures account for a high percentage of emails being falsely tagged as spam.


” NIWNAS - Single box network monitoring and traffic analysis solution“

All your device and link monitoring, traffic analysis and trend predications in a single unit. With NIWNAS your not investing in an application, your investment is in a monitoring solution. The applications are simply some of the tools we use to support you in analysing and monitoring your network health and forecasting requirements for the future.